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Introducing New Creator Advocate and Program Manager

Hello Creators, My name is Laura, but you may know me as “Jinx”. I have been a Creator at IMVU for almost 13 years. Twelve years ago, I moved to California to be near IMVU, and for the last 8 months, I have been working with the team in different departments. Recently, my dream job […]

Strike A Pose II WithMoji Pack: Cute as Kawaii

Strike a Pose II WithMoji Pack is here!  This new pack will make you cute as kawaii. Boop noses with your love, whisper secrets with your bestie, or frame your sweet smile. Available now in the WithMoji Shop, the new Strike a Pose II pack is just 1,000 Credits. Sweet indeed. Buy it now to […]

Have some Freakin Fun! New WithMoji Pack

Have Some Freakin Fun! Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, it’s time to have some Freakin Fun! Sometimes you can’t just say what you mean, you gotta show what you mean. It’s time to TURN UP with Party Dudes, a Big Whopping Punch, “Bring It…”, and our favorite of all […]

Is IMVU All About Sex?

69 likes and I’ll have virtual sex with you… (。◕‿◕。) You’re never alone because Donny Pie is here! I’m doing an entire video series on IMVU. This series spans 25 complete episodes capturing the culture within this very… very… strange internet phenomenon. IMVU. Perhaps,…

Daily Spin Now Available – Win Credits and Prizes!

Everyday rewards, everyday possibilities! Now you can spin to WIN FREE Credits, prizes, and more everyday! Use Credits to shop for new looks and WithMoji packs or win a NEW item for your outfit, then visit your inventory to try it on! Available on IMVU Next and iOS, the Daily Spin feature is available once […]

Love: You Gotta Give It To Receive It

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to spice it up. Show off how crazy you are about your BAE with the NEW Romance II WithMoji pack – beckon ’em like a pussycat, give ’em a wink, dance the salsa or lock those lips! Available now in the WithMoji Shop, the new Romance II […]

Seal it with a Kiss with Valentine WithMoji!

This Valentine’s Day you’ll have more ways to share your love with your BAE. Seal it with a KISS with the Romance I WithMoji pack – give ’em a rose, tell ’em you’re thinking about them, fall head over heels or… (GASP) propose! Available now in the WithMoji Shop, the Romance I WithMoji pack is […]

Tech Open Air Talks with IMVU about Social VR and…Burning Man?

Bigger hair? A new gender? More limbs? The “real you” can be anything in Social VR Read more on Tech Open Air here or listen to the full talk on SoundCloud. Nate Levin, IMVU Producer, blends Burning Man philosophy, VR technology and social media to create tomorrow’s communication Radical self-expression reveals a “realer you” and truer connections […]

Bar Blitz for IMVU: Introducing Leaderboards and MORE!

We’ve just made a massive update to Bar Blitz for IMVU, our nightlife mixology game, with tons of new features!  Check out all the new things you can do in this IMVU game where you compete with millions of others to rise in FAME! Be sure to update your app and log into the latest […]

Last minute holiday gifts? IMVU WithMoji featured on ABC News!

Last minute gift ideas? How about IMVU WithMoji, as featured on San Francisco Bay Area News Station – ABC/KGO! Send seasons greetings with your own animated emoji.              

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