25,000 FREE Credits VIP Bug

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On September 30th, 2013, IMVU accidentally included 25,000 credits alongside the VIP Monthly Gift.  This has caused a lot of commotion.  And many have wondered how IMVU will handle the situation.  Here are the theories suggested by forum members:

Possibilities if you HAVE NOT spent the credits:

  • IMVU will take 22,500 credits back (most likely)
  • Nothing happens.

Possibilities if you HAVE spent the credits:

  • Nothing happens (most likely)
  • IMVU will take the items you bought (likely)
  • Your account will go into the negative (until you can pay them back)
  • Your account will be disabled or banned (highly unlikely)

If you spent the credits then don’t worry.  It’s not your fault.  IMVU is a business and like any business, you can’t giveaway products then take them back.  There’s a derogatory term for people who give gifts only to later demand its return.  These people do not keep their word.

Imagine if Apple gave away iPhones, only to later state, “Remember those iPhones we gave you?  Yeah.  You’re gonna have to give those back or pay the $499.00.”  At which point this has negatively affected you.  Now it’s gonna cost you real money for something they messed up on.  According to the forum just-cougars staff, there’s talk that if you spent the credits then they will put you in debt.  I don’t believe IMVU would do this.  We suggest that you SPEND THE CREDITS.

The moral dilemma behind spending the credits is simple.  IMVU is a business.  They’re not perfect.  They need money to function.  But in the end, this is one loss they’ll have to take.  It’s up to you whether they take that loss.

As of October 1st, 2013, IMVU took back credits from affected accounts.
If you spent the credits then your balance returned to 0.  You are NOT put into the negatives.
Your account will be fine.

Feel free to leave comments.

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  • *comments* Y me no vip. *cry*

    • Haha awe there there, everything will be okay -gives comforting hug- ^_^

  • TomoOgawa

    Man I wish I was a VIP

  • lalady

    I did not get any
    22,500 credits

  • vilte

    I do not know but do not know how to make or 25,000 investment credit as there 🙁

  • Aris Slay

    ;-; NU

  • Mell Da’SowtsowtnessXiecrazzyg

    i no a vip 🙁

  • Amber Katelyn Beale

    crap >.<

  • davidcapela


  • Dan Fiddleston

    IMVU use a detection software which is synced with all accounts. They can see your transaction history so if you want to get fast credits without detection go to http://imvucreditzadder.blogspot.co.uk/

  • They Got A Duck In Their Pool!

    Damn I would just message Imvu and not take they chance of spending the credits
    But e_e Im not good with money

    Meh das me tho (^~^)/

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    And I live in New Smersy I

    I have 20 sisters and 1 brother
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    I luv Bratz dolls and Mabelline Makeup

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    Meh Grandmer Ish purfact
    My girlfriends name is Marshleea call her Chmiken She has a Disqus too!!!!!!!!!
    I have no job but I has a Cat name Dog.

  • Zane


  • malvadinha2linda

  • SabrinaAngela7
  • modyahmed10



  • modyahmed10


  • modyahmed10

    wow credit 9000000000000000.00000000000000000 wow+?

  • I bought vip and did not get any credits

  • Boshra Mohammed


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