Cute Kawaii Badges

Need some free IMVU Cute Kawaii badges? We have all kinds of cute badges listed below.  This post was made for our friend Cuppichan.  You can check out her blog here.

Cost Creator Badges
Free Wat
Free Kiti
Free Harukane
Free BindyPoo
Free iLyhx
Free Savagery
Free iStrawberryKiwi
Free Karu
Free iKayz
Free Nurse
Free Ako She has domo. DOMO :3
Free FML
Free NekoKatsura
Free rabidKITTENS

**Yo bros, we need your help. If you know of any IMVU related badges then leave a comment below. We’ll update this post every so often, just for you. Ya ya… okay thanks.

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  • Zelda

    My User : ZeldaWearsWigs

  • Knotts

    Pop also has kawaii badges

  • Mausli9

    Aww *-* Kawaii

  • Lyanne Anduyan

    kawaii desukaa

  • Lucy Lazuli♥

    So cute ♥