Dope Swag Badges

Need some free IMVU dope swag, yolo, or ghetto fab badges?  We have tyga badges and 2pac badges, along with many more! Check them out:

Cost Creator Badges
Free Schwag
Free 1Rawry
Free Seph
Free tyga14789
Free 2G3th3R
Free TheBakery
Free JayDub
Free Eject
Free 2pac
Free Demure This has some dope badges.
Free MrsPhilly
Free 215Fin3st
Free Ahh
Free IGeovane
Free Yoluva
Free Neyo

**Yo bros, we need your help. If you know of any IMVU related badges then leave a comment below. We’ll update this post every so often, just for you. Ya ya… okay thanks.

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  • nastasia

    how do i get the badges on my profile?

    • Grante

      you have to click on the users names and it will be on there homepage and you request the badge and it will give you it

  • JJ

    I Have DOPE badge but you have to pay 1K XxJJTh3M0nst3rxX