Video Game Badges

Need some free IMVU video game badges? We have GTA, zelda, mario, playstation, minecraft badges, and many many more.  Check it out!

Cost Creator Badges
Free Whixie
Free Aedah
Free 8bit
Free Tifuhnee
Free DreamHY
Free Hebi
Free CherryRed
Free MAKllam
Free PS4   Too many to list. BUT ALL good.
Free WizJ0hn
Free Randa
Free MrSL6ooN
Free DarkprincessElf1
Free iZhai

**Yo bros, we need your help. If you know of any IMVU Video Game badges then leave a comment below. We’ll update this post every so often, just for you. Ya ya… okay thanks.

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  • TomoOgawa

    Playstation. Badges. *dies*

  • They Got A Duck In Their Pool!

    Hmm Hebi seems kinda rude…and Randa’s isn’t working But anyway thanks

    • Josh Naslund

      Yes, I am rude. However I never claimed to be polite.

  • Lunaaaa4

    How do I actually get them, ? 0..0

  • >w<

    I need a zelda one >< anybody got a linku?