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20 More Funny IMVU Memes

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After our first IMVU Memes post, we decided to make another.

The best people in IMVU are those who get along with everyone.  They’re talkative and inspire conversation.  They seem like happy people.  But online, all too often, people get into debates about religion or sex and music.  Then you have your trolls who’s only goal is to get other people mad.  And then you have the AFKers who go into random chat rooms and don’t say a word.  All of this has nothing to do with the actual post.  But our editors tell us we need “something” to fill up the negative space.  And besides, no one reads this stuff anyway.  Have fun looking through these funny IMVU memes!

Disclaimer: These memes were taken from the official IMVU forums.  However, we can’t link there due to IMVU TOS.

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  • picture nr. 7 is so me

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