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Pranks: IMVU Gay Items

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IMVU is a reflection of real-world ugliness.  People are anonymous.  They say the most disgusting and inhumane things, mostly because there is no consequence.

In my experience, as I’ve visited many different chatrooms and have met all types of people; there are a number of homophobic players who have a deep hatred for anyone who’s gay.  These people are not as open-minded as some.  So as a joke, what I like to do is gift these “gay haters” items that are borderline homosexual.   Listed below are the items you can send to your friends as gifts or use the items to insult someone.

Male Item: “Aye, I’m Gay” Tanktop

ayeimgayGift this to someone who isn’t gay.  They’ll be all like, “Why’d you gift me this?  I’m not gay.”  And you’ll be all like, “You are gay.  You just don’t know it yet. -wink wink, nudge nudge- ;)”


Male Item: “Gay Guy looking for Love” T-Shirt

Looking For LoveAre you a straight guy looking to troll?  This might be the item for you.  Remember to state often in chat that you are NOT GAY.  You simply like wearing t-shirts that state you are gay.  But you’re totally NOT GAY.  Even tho you might have posters of JB and 1D in your bedroom.  Totally NOT GAY.  Remember that.


Unisex Item: I’m Gay Back Sign

Im Gay Back SignRemember those signs in school that you’d put on your friend’s back that say, “Kick Me”?  Well this sign is a lot like that, except it says “I’m Gay” instead.  It’s not intended to make fun or offend anyone, according to the author.


Unisex Item: Senor Chang – “GAAAAAAAYYYYY”

Senor ChangThis item is a soundbite taken from a popular tv series called “Community.”   It’s great to use after someone says something especially gay.  For example, “Lady Gaga is not a man.”  [insert soundbite here].


Unisex Item: So Gay Voicebox (9 triggers)

9 wordsThere are no sexual or derogatory references in this voicebox.  This is for the pro gay and gay community to have a few giggles and laughs.  It’s funny.  No pun here.  It’s funny.


Male Item: Your boyfriend is gay.

boyfriend is gayDo you have a friend, who is a girl… and she’s dating a complete douche?  Well one way of disapproving the relationship is by sending her this very friendly item.  It’s your way of saying, “here’s a gift.  good luck with your relationship.” 😀


In IMVU,  it’s fun to joke around with the opposite sex and same sex.  I feel like we should be able to laugh about serious matters, and at the same time, stay positive towards each other.  Life isn’t fair.  All of us are different.  And everyone has something new to teach.  Give people a chance to be who they are because no one is perfect.

We don’t promote hatred toward any group or race of people.  Please do not leave any derogatory or negative comments.  Thank you!

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