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Pranks: IMVU Poop Items

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What better way of saying “YOU STINK” than to buy someone IMVU poop items?

The items listed below make great gag gifts.  Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or anniversary or you just wanna have fun; these poop items are great for a laugh.  And they look good too!  Now we’re not saying you should walk around IMVU as a giant piece of poop.  We would never suggest that.  But if you are bored, these items will spark conversation in ANY chatroom.

Unisex Item: Poop Action + Sound

Poop ActionLet’s say the conversation changes to the subject of food.  At which point you state, “I typically overeat to the point of throwing up.  But usually I just poop.  Lots.  And lots of poop.”  -commence pooping actions-   That’s how the conversation goes, for sure.


Unisex Item: Poop Suit

poopsuitThis poop suit will make you the subject of conversation.  Yeah, sure… people might call you a piece of shit.  Or smelly.  And say they don’t wanna be friends with you.  But that’s no different from my everyday life.  No worries ^^


Unisex Item: Poop on a Stick

poopstickhandheldThe only thing better than poop is poop on a stick.  This ingenious idea will make for the perfect poo outfit.  Or if you carry it around, people will ask… “Hey, what’s that in your hand?”  As you respond, “Oh, this?  This was yesterday’s lunch.”


Unisex Item: Floating Poop Overhead

poopoverheadThis item is actually very cute.  But as cute as it is, it’s still shit.  And it floats over your head.  Talk about having shit follow you everywhere.  Buy this shit.


In IMVU,  it’s fun to be lighthearted and joke around.  I think likable people make IMVU a better community.  And in return, people will always come back to enjoy themselves.  I think the best times in IMVU are the times when everyone’s LOLing together.  Never take life too seriously, especially in a virtual world.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  And who doesn’t like poop jokes?  😀

Don’t ever disclose your identity online, especially if you’re underage.  These people are anonymous and you don’t know them.

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