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5 Things IMVU Does to Exploit You

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Do you feel like IMVU is taking advantage of its players?  They promise credits in exchange for doing offers.  There are credit sales weekly.  How many times have you gotten messages asking you to complete some ridiculous survey?  Well studies show you’re more likely to spend money on products if they’re placed in front of you.  Here are 5 things IMVU does to exploit you:

#5. They allow players to make ridiculous prices on items.

Did you know there’s a wedding dress worth 475 million credits?  Don’t believe us?  Well here’s a link to the catalog.  There are hundreds of items worth way over their value.  But it seems like IMVU doesn’t care.

imvu wedding dress

IMVU is a business.  The more credits you spend then the more money IMVU earns.  They want you to buy the expensive items, even if they’re worth 2 million.  If people are dumb enough to spend millions of credits on a virtual good then we can only assume those people are clinically insane.  By God, someone help them.

#4. Their support team will only deal with you through tickets.

For IMVU being one of the most popular websites in the world (ranking at around 4,000), you’d think they’d make enough money to afford a call center.  But IMVU doesn’t care about a call center.  Support tickets save time and money.  It works.

Now under certain circumstances, the IMVU support team will take your calls.  But they’ll be quick to get off the phone.  And the support team will be very manipulative in doing so (as shown in the picture above).  The support team would much rather deal with you through tickets.  It’s a first come, first serve basis.

#3.  They suggest you do offers daily.

Don’t you love how even the biggest companies like IMVU are affiliated with marketing companies?  This explains all the money in marketing.  Everyone wants to get their name out there.

SO many Offers

In IMVU, they’ll ask you to do offers everyday.  At this point, we might as well call it begging.  IMVU sends out spam offers.  But every once in awhile, you’ll get an offer that’s worthwhile.  You can buy around 50,000 credits for a dollar, seriously.  Check out our weekly deals we post.

#2. They run 50% credit deals weekly.

IMVU runs sales more often than an infomercial.  Their prices are always dropping down.  If anyone has ever bought credits at the regular rate then they’ve been cheated.  IMVU, give them their credits.


The reasoning behind running sales so often is psychological.  According to studies conducted in the past, consumers are more likely to spend money if sales are reoccurring and more often.  Whenever a sale is going on, IMVU is making regular profits.  And whenever a sale isn’t going on, they’re making double the profits.  IMVU never loses money.  They are only making more.

#1. They take advantage of your basic need for consumerism.

We’re all zombies.  IMVU is a perfect example of the zombie apocalypse. For Christ sake, we spend real money on things we can’t even see!  How mindless can an entire society become?

imvu zombies

Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts.  Example: IMVU.

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