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5 Things You Learn From Being IMVU Famous

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It seems like everyone is getting famous online today.  With so many different social networks, anyone can have a fan-base.  IMVU is no different.  After speaking with several IMVU celebrities, this is what they’ve learned from being IMVU famous.

#5. Expect people to take EVERYTHING you say out of context

What’s long, hard, and full of seamen?  A submarine!  But we know what you were thinking.  According to one IMVU star, there have been plenty of times her private messages were exposed publicly.  In one such scenario, her account was temporarily banned.

A Submarine!

You have to protect your identity, especially online.  Whenever you’re in the public eye, you have to maintain some sort of professionalism.  Unless you’re Charlie Sheen.  If you’re that guy then you’re winning no matter what!

#4. You’re a spam magnet and troll target.

If people know you, they want to act out.  They’ll say anything to get under your skin, yet these same people are completely anonymous and won’t reveal a single thing about themselves.  You’ll have to deal with the cyber-bullies.

Troll Hard, young one.

The best thing you can do when it comes to cyber-bullies is ignore them.  They’re trying to get a rise out of you.  They want attention.  The best way to handle them is easy.  Don’t feed the trolls.  Make them starve for attention elsewhere.

#3. You should expect harassment or crazy messages.

We reported a story about a cyber stalker.  Supposedly, this girl had found someone’s phone number online and called him for months on end.  Some of the texts including things like, “I know where you live.  I’m gonna rape you.”  Needless to say, the authorities were involved.


For some odd reason, fame is like an aphrodisiac.  You’ll get many sexual harassment messages.   But never get involved with crazy.  They will always win in the end.  They have nothing to lose and you have everything to lose.

#2. You’ll get gifts and free credits.

One of the perks of being IMVU famous is the free stuff.  There are people out there who are positive and supportive.  When you get your first gift, all your faith in humanity is restored.

Free Gifts! :D

If someone sends you a gift or credits out of the kindness of their heart, it’s like seeing Jesus reincarnated.  Things like this don’t happen often.  But when they do, it’s something to be cherished and enjoyed.

#1.  You’ll have real fans, that are virtual.

The number one thing you learn from being IMVU famous is you’ll have real fans.  They’ll follow you on every social network.  It’s like they’re your silent friends, who watch you from a distance, and you can’t see or feel them.  But you know they’re there.


Remember your fans will know everything about you.  But you’ll rarely ever know anything about them.  They enjoy following your work and you’re always thankful for that.

Disclaimer: Being IMVU famous does not give you a hall pass to mistreat others.  At no point in time is anyone privileged to treat others poorly, unless they deserve it.  Have fun! ^^

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