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7 Ways To Annoy Your Friends

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Do you like to play tricks on your friends?  Are you a troll at heart?  Everyone likes a good prank.  Which is why we’ve made this list.  Here are 7 ways to annoy your friends on IMVU.

#7. Abruptly leave while you’re in the middle of a conversation.  Then deny them.

Problem?  What’s worst than being ignored?  Being ignored while you were in the middle of a conversation.  They’ll think you weren’t paying attention.  They’ll be confused.

Access Denied

We would never suggest doing such a thing.  But we’ve done it before and we think it’s hilarious.  Try it, at least once.  You’ll get a good laugh.

#6. Ask them repeatedly for virtual sex.

How many times do you have to say no?  No.  You don’t want virtual sex.


Keep asking your friend over and over repeatedly, they’ll get angry.

#5. Group invite them over and over again, EVERYTIME you get on.

The IMVU Group feature is useful.  But sometimes I like to use it for fun.  As of late, I have a few friends who I always group.  They never accept.  But whenever they do, that’s when the real fun happens.

Group Invite

Whenever someone group invites you, there’s a pop-up which prevents you from doing anything else.   Do this over and over to your friend and they’ll go insane!  TROLLOLOL

#4. Beg your friends to buy you gifts.

Have you ever had one of those friends who beg you for gifts?  You don’t even have enough credits to buy yourself anything, yet alone this begging friend.  And this same friend will NEVER buy anyone a gift.

Buy Me a Gift

Gift beggars are the worst.  IMVU is not about items.  Get to know someone from the inside, and you’ll appreciate them more.

#3. Share your private conversations with everyone.

Want to get your friend really mad?  Share your private conversations with everyone to stir up drama.  This may ruin your friendship.  But it can also be a very good time.  Think about it.

Not Private NO MO

PM stands for private message.  If you’re PM-ing someone then those messages are intended to stay private.  Be a good friend.  Unless your friend is completely psychotic or something.  Then you might want to tell someone.

#2. Stalk your friend’s location and annoy them with questions.

If your friend has their location turned on, stalk them without warning.  Then ask them ridiculous questions like, “Do you like chocolate milk?”  or “Have you ever eaten your pet goldfish?”

Dont know

After awhile, they’ll get so annoyed they’ll probably block you.  OR in some circumstances, you and your friend become super close.  It’s always better to ask before stalking.

#1. Ask your friend for their password.

Ask your friend to borrow their IMVU password for, you know, friendship “stuff”.  Oh, and remember to promise your friend that you won’t do anything bad like spend all their credits.  You would never do such a thing, right?  Right?

And the password is…

Many IMVU accounts have been stolen.  If your account has ever been stolen, then please contact IMVU at once.  NEVER give your password to anyone.

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any broken friendships.  If you decide to annoy your friends then know where to draw the line.  BE A GOOD FRIEND!

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