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How to be a Homewrecker (5 steps)

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Here’s a list on how to be an IMVU homewrecker in 5 easy steps.  Please note: we do not encourage or approve of cheating.  We make these posts out of the interests of others, as what bloggers should do.  Thank you and enjoy.

Homewrecker (Adj.) – One who comes into your life and screws it all up.  This involves stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend, puppy, your friends, your carpet, your lamp, your shoes, your.. well, you get the point.  They pretty much take over your entire life.

Step 1: Be discreet.

Make yourself seem trustworthy and be discreet with your motives.  You want to make yourself seem as non-threatening as possible.  You want to get closer to both in the relationship.

homewrecker 1

Realize that if you do anything to cause them to discover your secret (of disrupting their relationship), that they will only hate you.  And you will most likely lose them.

Step 2: Make your time together unforgettable.

This means the fun and non-committal things such as listening and laughing.  Always be light-hearted, but know when to be serious.  You want to offer them the things they’d forgotten in their current relationship.

homewrecker 5

Offer mind-blowing intimacy and indulgent fantasies.  These are the things that many couples have lost.  Be the fantasy because we all have enough reality in our lives.

Step 3: Be prepared to work harder than his/her current spouse to hold onto them.

You are dispensable.  They’ve built a history together and have created a bond.  People hate the thought of losing something that’s important to them.  You must be willing to fight for your relationship to prove its importance.

homewrecker 4

The idea of overcoming odds and showing him you will do ANYTHING to be with him proves that you care about him more.  If she doesn’t appreciate him like you do, then why would he stick with her?

Step 4: Don’t ever show jealousy or ulterior motives.

Remember, you’re the one trying to take something that isn’t yours.  You’re in no position to judge.  There is no reason to be angry at anyone.  Your goal is to make her angry.  The angrier she gets; the less attractive she becomes.

homewrecker 3

Jealousy is unattractive, and any sign of manipulation is unattractive.  No one likes the feeling of being controlled.  Be trustworthy and play it cool.

Step 5: Don’t break any hearts.

Be likable.

homewrecker 2

The moment he/she cheats is the moment you’ve won.  If, at any point in time, they decide to reject you or dump you then you can play even dirtier games.  Threaten to disclose the affair if they don’t do as you say.  They’ve decided to cheat.  Now make them pay for it.  How else do you think Tiger Woods was caught?

***Please note: IMVU Guide does not suggest doing any of the methods listed above. We take zero responsibility for your actions.  We do not approve of homewreckers.  Let people love and be loved.

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  • Disinterested_3rd_Party

    Well! That pretty much sums it up right there!

  • Meri

    how to be a full asshole step 1

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