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IMVU Chat Cheating 101

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Chat Cheating 101

Do you feel like you’re being ignored?  Do you find yourself on the edge of your computer chair, waiting for someone to respond in chat?  Are your friends neglecting you?  Well if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you might be experiencing “chat cheating.”

Chat Cheating (adj): When you are on IM and you are “chatting” with your significant other and one or more other people at the same time!

Example: I can’t believe he was chat cheating on you last night!  He actually had the nerve to be talking to you, his girlfriend and some other girl at the same time.  What a jackass!


When you’re online and someone’s taking forever to respond, it means they’re chat cheating.  We know they’re online.  Why won’t they answer us?  Are we not entertaining?  Nothing feels worst than being ignored (ps – this post is ridiculous).


If you ask them what they’re doing and they respond with “nothing” then they’re chat cheating.  This is most definitely a sign that they don’t want to talk to you.  They might even hate you, or worst… they’re cheating on you.


What are they doing that’s so damn important?  They don’t want to tell you, and even if they do tell you what they’re doing… they’re probably lying.  Doesn’t it suck being lied to?  Don’t worry, we know how you feel.

Even online, it’s better to tell people what you’re doing so they feel important.  If you don’t want to talk to them then say, “I’m not feeling too well.  I don’t want to talk.”  OR  “I’m busy doing something.  I’ll be on and off”.  The internet is a great way to practice communication skills.  Think before you type.  And remember, just because people are anonymous online, doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling.  Be nice.  See how likable you can be.  Challenge yourself.

Disclaimer:  Although these symptoms are signs of chat-cheating, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating.  They could be looking at porn or something.  We don’t know.  This post is pretty damn silly, to be honest.  Have fun in IMVU.  And remember to stay faithful in-chat.

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  • Disclaimer: Although these symptoms are signs of chat-cheating, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating. They could be looking at porn or something.


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