5 Great IMVU Harlem Shake Videos

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We found some imvu Harlem Shake Videos.  This was a popular internet meme in the beginning of 2013.  Videos were uploaded to YouTube, and when the beat drops, everyone goes wild.  These are the best harlem shake videos.  Click the names to sub.

#1 – IMVU Harlem Shake

Random post fact: This was uploaded in no particular order.  We numbered them to keep track of which ones were uploaded first.

#2 – IMVU Harlem Shake
By: F4MOUSx3

Random post fact:  We only will show the true harlem shake videos which are only around 30 seconds each.

#3 – IMVU Harlem Shake
By: Berkay

Random Post Fact:  We decided to write random post facts because the videos lacked a proper description.

#4 – IMVU Harlem Shake
By: PsyhoticZwinker

Random Post Fact:  Each one of these video posts takes around 30 minutes to make.

#5 – IMVU Harlem Shake (Furry Edition)
By: NomMyMuffin

Random Post Fact:  IMVU Guide is setup like a blackhole.  Once you click one link, you’re bound to click another… and another…

These videos can be found in a playlist through our IMVU Guide channel.  Our channel is dedicated to finding the best IMVU YouTubers and compiling their videos into one.  It’s a one stop shop for the best video editors.  Click here to subscribe to IMVU Guide.

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