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Contact IMVU

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Contact IMVU


Do you need to contact IMVU?  Well we can point you in the right direction.  We have the IMVU Phone Number, address, and email.  Please only send in serious inquiries.  IMVU wouldn’t appreciate emails about the weather (although the weather is nice, when it’s sunny).

The best way of contacting IMVU is through support ticket.
Click the link or image above!

IMVU Phone Number
866-761-0975 | Toll Free
650-321-8334 | Phone

IMVU Email

IMVU Address
PO Box 390012
Mountain View, CA

IMVU Fax Number

Leave a comment if you’ve contacted or need to contact IMVU.
We would appreciate it, since so much work went into this site.  Least you could do…

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  • Rose Park

    I am Guest_violetgirl1996 on imvu and I want to contact imvu about the 14th warning I had recently been given. But how was it my 14th warning when I don’t even remember being given my very first? I had been given this warning because someone had blocked my message, which was of the hostile lyrics of a song of my very own. I had sent the person these lyrics as they had been bullying me in a slightly inward way (that imvu wouldn’t be able to detect easily). After I’d sent these lyrics, the person actually added me as a friend, and I accepted. I thought that they’d added me in consolation and/or as a sign of apology. But, then, shortly after, they reported that message and blocked me!! What is this?! This is exactly the message that I’d sent the person:

    “it’s another fight im fighting tonighti will try and try but to no avail
    i may just as well as suicide tonight
    live another life…
    i get nowhere near
    (lyrics of my song i wrote when i was suicidal)

    i hope you feel guilt”

    I am slightly confused as to how this had given me my 14th warning….

  • Heather rockhold

    someone is using my email to play this game and i want it to stop. i am tired of getting message about this game in my email. i never have played this game.i would like for the person to stop using my email. this is the first time it has happen. my email is

  • Cassidy Martinez

    Hello, someone hacked into my account. My username is gldven. My date of birth is June 18, 1997. The person who hacked my account was Spheros. The account I’m using now is Emoze, please message me. Please help me get my account back.

  • Brad Hammond

    I have tried contacting every way I can. A few months ago my account was hacked through my email and was deleted. I was not the one to do it. I want my account restored and want it back. The account name is CeiferUchiha. My email is

  • lawrence cortiz craig

    Im fucking tired of yall I was calling yall gone hang up like some fucking goofy I need my mofo account back my and my account is called WHATIDO I did everything yall talking about a reply I replyed back now yall need to read it yall talking about yall work on a 24hours. Come on plzz…

  • imvuisascam

    You can read more about it here: is a 3D social chat used by millions of users over the world
    to chat with each other.

    Recently IMVU has been losing money and has resulted to scamming people.

    You can either choose to make a story out of it, do something about it or not.
    It’s up to you, will be sending this to many people until there’s
    someone that actually starts listening.

    Anyone with authority that simply decides not to do anything about it should
    also be charged with enabling and aiding a fraudulent website.

    Not only is there flaw with IMVUs T.O.S but also methods of verifying their
    customers accounts.

    The “customer is always right” policies does not apply to them and they simply
    neglect their job to care for it’s clients. They don’t only neglect to care but
    they also steal from their clients and commit fraudulent acts blantantly with no care of getting caught.

    • arneshiya lawrence

      my credits was token frm me how can I get them bk??

  • BrokenAngelJasper

    I would like my account back please my avatar name is BrokenAngelJasper im 16 im a vip i was hacked today the ip of the person making the request of changing my email is they have changed the email to this is not my email address. i did not change it and i would like it back asap please.

  • BrokenAngelJasper

    Thank you so
    much i got my account back <3

  • JaidaBlu3

    Hi im a trinidadian user and i will like to know if imvu is temoproally down because ive been trying to connect since yesturday and it keeps sending a message saying The sever cannot connect or i dont have internet but i do have internet…Plz message me back

  • Anne

    What is the contact number for people in the UK?

    • Hm.. good question. Not sure.

    • H0ES MADZ-

      999 H0e

  • Reb

    How u get help. when account block you dk why

  • Chris

    I have sent an email to
    please be sure to respond. My name is Chris. Thanks!

  • Mandy Savoie

    i have sent an email to support please write me back as soon as possible i cant get in touch w yall by phone ty and asap please

  • Tatiana Lowery

    My Account Have been Hacked and they took off my AP and took all my credits & they changed my name …. I need my stuff back and my name change back

  • msgamer

    I have 3 orders for credits pending. the two i ordered 2 days ago and never got bc one of them has been cancelled for some reason. I sent u guys a email and filed complaints and im not getting any help. Pleaseeeee help me. I want the credits i paid for. PLzzzzz respond and help me get my ordered credits. TY!!!

  • I got a email saying that my password to my account has been changed and i never changed my password now i am locked out of my account

    i have sent in a help ticket and still no response >.< i need my freakin account back!

  • I am also locked out of my amazon account will someone help

  • Rebecca Heineck

    how many hours do you have to log back in if you got your password wrong three times

  • Fae Laythorpe

    My account got hacked and I need to get a hold of someone. But I cant talk to them in person about it. Why???

  • Nicki Idk Perez

    My card got billed for a lot of charges my bank just sent me the charges so i need you people to stop charging my card and give me my money back.

  • Sarah

    my imvu account was disabled yesterday and i dont know why i have contacted imvu everyway i can my avatar name is Vaop my email on imvu is im 16 my birthday is 6-23-1999 i spent so much time on imvu please let me get it back

    • Fadi Akram Chalout


  • Emily Burgess

    My account just got disabled for billing fraud and I’ve been playing for 3 years, my avatar name is Lilly5992, I have no idea why this has happened. I’m in shock right now because I’ve spent so much money on this game and now it’s been ripped away from me.

  • Darsh Elsayed

    How u get help.

  • Hannah Miley

    So, I know IMVU was messed up for a lot of people yesterday. But, now it’s fixed for everyone I speak to that uses IMVU. Yet, I’m still the only one that can’t get online.. are the servers still down where I am? Because I can’t even really type in for the website without it saying it doesn’t exist or something.. Help please.

  • jake stevens

    The IMVU contact number no longer works at-least that’s what it said on my phone

  • Sharon Charlotte Williams

    hi i have emailed imvu my account was temporarily suspended yesterday due to suspicious login activity according to the email i received, i tried calling both numbers given but both are automated messages telling me to contact imvu via the help centre for them to send me an email with a new password but i cant do that because i cant login, i have been with imvu over 10 years & spent a small fortune & have vip membership too & dont see why i should lose it all because someone else has tried logging in my account, so if anyone here can help with getting my account back it would be appreciated my username is StarRomaLady & email is